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Céad fáilte

Welcome to St. Macartan's

This website is designed to give all members of the St. Macartan's College community, past and present an insight into life at The Sem.

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Poetry Aloud Award

From the three national category winners, an overall winner is chosen each year, Kevin Fitzpatrick was awarded the Seamus Heaney Poetry Aloud Award 2015.

sport is a part of the educational process

Full Sports Curriculum

Participation in sport is actively encouraged in St. Macartan's College and is seen as an important aspect in the development of the whole person. Golf, rugby, football, soccer, handball, basketball, etc

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vibrant extra curricular life

Extra Curricular Activities

St. Macartan's encourages self-discipline and responsibility, and fosters the development of skills which enable students to use their leisure time positively and creatively.